About me

Hi, I'm K.F. Golden!
I'm an illustrator & cartoonist currently residing just outside of Memphis, TN. I got my BFA in Illustration (with a minor in Art History) from the Memphis College of Art in 2015.
I do character & concept design, comics, and traditional & digital illustration.
I am currently available for freelance Illustration work, and I sometimes make appearances at conventions as one half of Metaphorically On Fire, my shared studio with Alexis Stetson.
I'm open to other events (art shows, fundraisers, etc.) if you give me a heads up! You're welcome to drop me a line at midas@callmemidas.com.

Convention info

I've been doing artist alleys and guest artist appearances at conventions and expos since 2014, and my work has been featured in gallery shows and pop-up shops across the United States.
A lot of my convention work has been done in collaboration with Alexis Stetson under our combined studio, Metaphorically On Fire.

selected past shows

64th Annual Memphis College of Art Holiday Bazaar. Memphis, TN. 2013
Art of Papermaking: Tsunami Gallery. Memphis, TN. 2014.
Memphis College of Art Spring BFA Exhibition, Part I. Memphis, TN. 2014
Memphis Comic Expo. Memphis, TN. 2014
Geekonomicon. Biloxi, MS. 2015
CoastCon. Biloxi, MS. 2016
AnniCon. Anniston, AL. 2016
MechaCon. New Orleans, LA. 2016
Delta Fan Fest. Memphis, TN. 2016
Wizard World Austin. Austin, TX. 2016
Memphis Comic & Fantasy Con. Memphis, TN. 2016
CoastCon. Biloxi, MS. 2017
Memphis Pop Festival. Memphis, TN. 2017
CEO Dreamland. Orlando, FL. 2017
MomoCon. Atlanta, GA. 2017
OMG!Con. Owensboro, KY. 2017
MechaCon. New Orleans, LA. 2017
Let's Play Gaming Expo. Irving, TX. 2017
Spa-Con. Hot Springs, AR. 2017
HallowCon. Little Rock, AR. 2017
Memphis Comic & Fantasy Con. Memphis, TN. 2017
AnniCon. Anniston, AL. 2018
MidSouthCon. Memphis, TN. 2018
MobiCon. Mobile, AL. 2018
OMG!Con. Owensboro, KY. 2018
MechaCon. New Orleans, LA. 2018
Spa-Con. Hot Springs, AR. 2018
Memphis Comic Expo. Memphis, TN. 2018
Memphis Comic & Fantasy Con. Memphis, TN. 2018
AnniCon. Anniston, AL. 2019
CoastCon. Biloxi, MS. 2019
MidSouthCon. Memphis, TN. 2019
Art In the Park. Memphis, TN. 2019
OMG!Con. Owensboro, KY. 2019
MechaCon. New Orleans, LA. 2019
Monster Market. Memphis, TN. 2019
Memphis Comic & Fantasy Con. Memphis, TN. 2019
AnniCon. Anniston, AL. 2020
MechaCon Omega. New Orleans, LA. 2021
Memphis Comic & Fantasy Con. Memphis, TN. 2021
Spring Equinox Market. Memphis, TN. 2022
MidSouthCon. Memphis, TN. 2022
MomoCon. Atlanta, GA. 2022
OMG!Con. Owensboro, KY. 2022

upcoming shows

Sept. 2 - 4. Mephit Fur Meet. Memphis, TN.
Sept. 24 - 25. Memphis Comic Expo. Memphis, TN.
Nov. 18 - 20. Memphis Comic & Fantasy Convention. Memphis, TN.

Contact me

Let me know about job opportunities, including commission work & events.